Animated Explainer Video Production Company In India

Animated Explainer Video Production Company In India

Hey  There!  If you are looking for a high quality of Animated Explainer Video for your business, you are in the right place.  Kindly check our services and animation & graphics quality.  After checking, you will really satisfy with our work.  Our Explainer video Company is based in India.

Animated Explainer Video Production Company In India for your business
Explainer Video Production Company In India

We are experts in video marketing and website marketing.  The example of this that when you would have searched on Youtube…”Best explainer company in India“, you would have found our video in top 3.

And when you searched on google  “explainer video company in India” you would find us on top 3 links.  This shows our quality.

You would have realized that our company is the best in marketing as the best marketing is that which can be approached to its customers/clients.  If you are not able to approach to your customers/clients, it clearly shows that you are lacking in something.

You approached on our post, this post is especially of Animated Explainer Video Production Company in India.  This post is related to your business and we explain it as under:

What is explainer video?

An explainer video is a video that helps to explain your products or services. It is the short and sweet definition of the explainer video. A good explainer video should be around 60 to 90 sec. If the video is lengthy then this period (60 to 90 sec.), then viewers can lose their attention and after that, the explainer video perhaps will lose its charm.

Explainer video cost in India

We have been providing our services in India for last 10 years.  Uptil now we have made 1000+ videos.  Our charges range from $250 to $750 per minute depends on the quality of the video.

The charges are variable; it depends on the quality of the video.  For example, in your video you want to show the character’s movement, running of character, proper walk of the character then our charges would be above $500 per min.

How many styles are of explainer videos?

Generally, there are 5 types of explainer videos which are popular in India.

1. 2D animated explainer video

2. Whiteboard explainer video

3. Motion graphics explainer video

4.  Kinetic Typography Explainer Video

5. Live action explainer video

What type of style to you like, you can get the video from us and you can also know about all the videos style just clicking on them.

How much time is taken for delivery of the explainer video?

You can get a good quality of explainer video within 15 days. We will be giving you regular updates. If we receive the comments from your side regularly after seeing our updates then we can also deliver the explainer video before 15 days. It is a win-win situation for both of us because we have some days for making corrections/modifications if any.

You can see our showreel of 2D explainer video as well as of whiteboard explainer video which is given below.

Why should we use explainer video for my website?

Surely, the clients would also like to know why they should spend money on explainer video then my answer is only “Marketing of your products/services”. You can tell about your products/services by explainer video at anytime, anywhere.

You can send your explainer video through e-mail . These explainer videos are so colourful and eye-catchy that client/customer would definitely like it.

Nowadays marketing is must for survival in this cut throat competitive world. Without marketing nobody will come to know about your products/services however you are quite good. And if you tell them about your products/services face to face or by phone the customer may not take interest due to your long talk.

If your idea is clear, you can change the view of the customer/client. And I am sure that by the way of explainer video you can definitely change your viewer into customers.

Animated Explainer Video Production Company In India for your business
Animated Explainer Video Production Company In India

The explainer videos which had been made by our company till today, they are given on our explainer video channel.

You can see our all the videos by clicking on the link given below.

Explainer video Youtube Channel Link

And furthermore apart from the 5 five styles, we missed our 1 style of video that is 3D explainer video.

There are 3D characters in such type of videos.  Before making the characters, we make 3D modeling and also make texturing and then after we do rigging of it.  In the last, we make the animation video.

These 3D explainer videos are 4 times costly in comparison to 2D explainer videos.

Every person has its own liking.  Some like 3D animated videos and some like 2D animated videos.

We also make 3D animation videos.  Some of our videos are given below.

Which 3D explainer video you like, kindly let us know.  We will make you it within very reasonable price and a good quality video will be delivered to you.

How much charges are for 3D explainer video?

Our charges are $2400 per minute for a 3D explainer video.  In this price, we will provide you character modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering, composting, motion graphics, VFX, etc. and there are No hidden charges.  We deliver this type of 1-minute video within 30 days.  

The charges of 3D explainer video is higher than 2D explainer video and it takes more time in delivery in comparison to 2D explainer video.

Now, the question is that nowadays which type of explainer video is more popular – 3D explainer video or 2D explainer video.

The simple answer is that 2D explainer videos are more popular due to affordable price and delivery time is less in comparison to 3D explainer videos.  It is found that business owners found very good results of the 2D explainer videos.  Now everybody wants fast service; this is possible in 2D explainer videos.

Now, the question arises which company should be chosen for 3D/2D explainer videos.  We tell you that we are the Best one and then it is your decision which company you choose.

We are very prompt in reply.

It has mostly been seen that clients sent e-mail and the concerned company replied them after 8-10 hours.  After getting the reply if client reverts then again company reply within 4- 6 hours.  So, this is wastage of time.  And You Know that Time is More Precious Than Anything.

Regular updates

We give regular updates of the video to our clients.  For example, we send storyboard for getting approval from customer/client.  After getting approval of storyboard, we make graphics design and will also send it to client/customer for getting approval.   And after getting the approval, we make animation.

We think that by taking approval of the client/customer on every stage, there will be no difficulty/confusion in getting final stage of the animated video.  And the end result the animated video will be as per your desire.

Sometimes it happens that some of the companies took the work in hand of animation video and they do not give update step-by-step, so in the last there arises some problems regarding the quality of the work.   Some companies send their final explainer video at last time and then there will be no time for corrections/modifications. So, the dispute arises between the parties.

Payment term: 

We have been adopting the same method of payment for the last 10 years.  50% Advance and 50% after completion of the work.  We have very good reputation among our all the clients.  They never hesitate in sending the advance 50% payment. We have a long list of our clients which have very good reputation of international level.  May be some companies do not ask for advance payment but we take advance payment. 

Hope, that you would definitely like our article for Animated Explainer Video Production Company In India for your business.

Kindly do send your comments/suggestions.  If you are interested to make the explainer videos from us.  You may contact us:

Phone No/ Whatsapp No. +91 7737225402


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