Explainer video making are difficult?

Explainer videos are becoming a popular and strong method for online promotion and are highly used for creating awareness about your product or service in the market. Nowadays, the trend of advertising and promotion has almost changed. Now, people do not employ several people to roam all around their predefined areas and do the promotions about their product and services, this work was tiring, time taking and quite costly as well. Now people adopt another method of advertisement and marketing, which is called as Digital marketing. This digital marketing includes several tools such as E-mail marketing, Social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc), SEO (Search Engine Optimization) etc. Most of the people make videos and make them viral throughout the social media, which is actually very comfortable method of promotion. In fact, a lot of money and time is also saved.  Explainer video making are difficult?

Now the question arrives, How to make and explainer video? With this, another question follows, Is it easy to make an explainer video?
The answer for the former question is that you need some creative minds and people expert in video editing, and they will carve your idea in the best possible way. They will present your idea in a way that the target audience will be attracted towards it.
Answer to the latter question is that, yes, it is easy if you have got those skills to make it satisfactory for the viewers, then yes, it is easier for you to make an explainer video. We can adopt many techniques like 2 dimensional, 2.5 dimensional, 3 dimensional, stop motion technique, live motion videos, whiteboard technique etc.

Explainer video making are difficult?

For the beginners like startups, initially, it is quite tough to gather a good investment in order to make a perfect explainer video stuffed with awesome graphics and video animation effects, so mostly, they make it on their own. But many organizations and companies give their orders to some video production houses to give a visual transformation to their ideas.

While making an explainer video, this thing should be kept in mind that the video should not be long. Because if it is lengthy, it will make the viewers feel boring and they will lose interesting in watching it. Thus the motive of the explainer video to explain the viewers about the products or services offered by the company will not be satisfied.


The main focus while making an explainer video should be kept on the point that the video should keep a hold on its viewers throughout its running time. People should get carried away with it. Viewers should feel that the video tells something they are thinking of, something that comes from their locality or surroundings, in this way they will get a personal feeling of affection while watching the video.

Explainer video making are difficult?
Explainer video making are difficult?

The video can be made interesting by including a mix up of cartoons, text, background music, an actor (if required), good graphics and animation effects. The video should be made as interesting as possible. Whenever you want to give a message to your audience, a combination of text and images is the best one to do. Making videos for tutorials? This combination will surely work for your video and if it combines with SEO, your video could go viral. In order to make a video more realistic, you can add an actor to it, who is explaining every aspect coming in the video.

A team of creative thinkers and designers is required to shape your ideas into visual demonstrations and they charge a hefty amount for good videos. Explainer video making are difficult? 

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