Explainer video company Importance in today world

Explainer video company Importance in today world

In the present digital era, the way competition has increased between the companies to stay at the top and come out as the best customer serving business, lots of tactics have been implemented by companies and to gain more popularity, various marketing strategies are introduced.

One of them is Explainer Video Company.

Explainer Videos are short video with a duration of 1-3 minutes which are created to ‘explain’ how do you accomplish a task quickly and everyone can understand it too.

The primary feature which sets apart explainer video companies is that they are very short, animated and their goal orientation is simple – to make understand the complex topics in the simplest manner.

2D animation video company
2D animation video company

Positivity’s of Explainer Video company

In an era, where globalization is at its peak and with so many services and products available, it becomes really difficult for the prospects to understand the importance of such objects and thus the complex situation is solved using explainer video. They are short, fun and informative. They are created with simple graphics and clear language and demonstrate the services to the user.

With the passage of time, the explainer videos have become an integrated part of the marketing strategy of companies – small or large, around the world and their craze can be extracted from the fact that new age entrepreneurs and start ups are also using them to promote their business online.

However, an explainer video does not guarantee that by using it, the sales of the company will boost and the profit rate will be increased by a significant amount, but an explainer video certainly helps in engaging audience to the customers. But if we discuss the stats of explainer videos ever since companies started using them, a growth of 10% to 50% is definitely seen in businesses.

Explainer Video Stands Out among all Promotional Activities

What explainer videos have done is that they have made the audience stick to the video. This feature was missing when the brands used the traditional content and videos for the promotion of their products.

But while creating any explainer video for the brand, certain guidelines are ought to be followed. It is extremely important to keep a check on the point that the video is in-line with the brand value.

The explainer video is great for audience attraction and engagement, but also its one of the most prominent importance is that it improves the online presence of the product on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

These short and animated videos helps organizations and brands to boost their business. For instance, Crazy Egg generated an increased $21,000 USD in their revenue because of the explainer video which was present on their home page.

Online video is great for customer engagement and SEO, and the stats prove it. Explainer videos, which explain a business, product, or service in 1-2 minutes, are surging in popularity lately. Companies usually place them on their homepage, and they can have incredible results.

But one thing which needs to be cleared out while creating any explainer video is that it should be of high quality. If someone really wants that people watch their video and react to it in a positive manner and become a potential customer for them, the video produced should be one worth watching. Some of the example includes Apple, Google itself, who are doing all the work with so much perfection and almost all of their products are of huge popularity across the globe.

Jonty Khandelwal
Jonty Khandelwal

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