Explainer video company and craze of animation

Explainer video company and craze of animation

The craze of animation in a film industry. The film industry is almost a century and a half old and has emerged out as one of the most attracting and interesting industry globally. It is also one of the largest industry to acquire people and have produced many entrepreneurs in the past many decades.

Also, the film industry has seen many phases of transition since its early days and have become a better of itself with evert passing year. Explainer video company.

If we look at the history of the cinema, there were movies in the early days which had no sound track and were black and white. Then the sound track were introduced in them which made them really popular. Soon the colors were introduced in the cinema and the black and white cinema was waved off.

There were many genres of movies which were produced. Some of them were thriller, comedy and romantic. All of them were becoming very popular.

Also, the advancement of technology introduced the advancement in the tools and equipment which made filmography more beautiful. But in the parallel time, the industry of animation started to build and Walt Disney had started the Walt Disney animation studio along with his elder brother. Earlier he was working on short animation movies which got the attention of the people and started to like it along with the other media. The first ever animated feature film was released in 1937 by Disney studio was “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”. The movie got huge success critically and financially and was loved by people all over. Since then, the animation in the films became very popular and the Disney Studio started to produce many more movies in the domain.

Today we are in the 2nd decade of the 21st century and animation has become an integrated part of the film industry and people of all age groups love to watch the animated movies. Let us look at some of the reasons which make the animation so good to watch.

Animated explainer video company in India
Animated explainer video company in India

Why animation is so popular in film industry

  1. Connects people with emotions

This is one of the best attribute of the animated movies. They bring out the emotions closely out of the people and these is why they are appreciated and loved by all ages of people and especially the kids. They bring a level of abstraction and a different beauty in them which is highly scintillating that is why the emotional experience is enhanced by this medium.

  1. Endless possibilities

The work of animation is purely based upon the creativity and imagination and can be enhanced best with the optimum use of tools and resources. Also as the technology has become advanced, it has become easy to bring lots of changes in the media. Also the form of storytelling in the animation is amazing as they are able to show the perfect timeline.

  1. Mixtures of emo in one packet

If we look at the animated movies closely or the cartoon series which have become popular in the past few decades, we can easily figure out that the use of animation not only brings special effect in the movies, but also brings so many emotions in one movie. We can find out the comedy, romance, fun, thrill in one movie which connects them to the people. If we look at the Toy Story 3, its emotional scene in the last was very heart touching which would not have been possible in the real movie.

This is how the animation is very popular in the animation film industry. Stay connected to us for more updates around the world.

The animation has become very popular in the film industry as they can easily share the emotions and connect with their audience and storytelling becomes easy. Explainer video company.

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