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explainer video company

explainer video company

Explainer video company

What is film-making and how it is useful in making explainer video or animated video? Animated explainer video company in India.

“First impression is the last impression”-We all have heard this phrase many times. Although this should not happen, but owing to human mentality, this is as true as the sun rising in the east. Explainer Videos can be called as one of the first few things that a viewer looks at when he searches details about a company. Every company wants to frame a noble image of itself in the eyes of its clients. So, no company will ever try to fade its first impression. This is the reason why explainer videos are given high attention. The video should be perfect enough that the viewer should be attracted towards it in the first instance. It should give a feeling of affection for the viewers that will help in making a bond between the company and the viewer. This also leads to permanent customer-company relations. Explainer video company.


We can adopt many techniques like 2 dimensional, 2.5 dimensional, 3 dimensional, stop motion technique, live motion videos, whiteboard technique, kinetic typography etc. All these techniques can be employed depending on the type of video the company demands. A perfect combination of graphics and animation effects will give life to your video. So they are an important aspect of Explainer Video Production.

Explainer video company

Now, let us move to the base from which explainer video production starts. I guess that many of you might have got me right. Yes, it is Film Making.

Film making is nothing but a well defined sequence of processes which finally evolve into a film. Film making involves several stages which includes idea, screenwriting, casting, shooting, sound recording, reproduction, editing and at last, screening the final film in front of the viewers. This entire process is known as film making.  Now you may wonder what must be the steps of film making. There are five major steps which includes development, pre-production, production, post-production and finally distribution.


Collecting ideas for the film, writing screenplays, financing up the total project comes under the development stage. Then comes the pre-production stage, where the cast and crew are hired and shooting is done at a particular location by building up the sets.

explainer video company

explainer video company

This is followed by production where the elements required for making the film are recorded during the film shot.


After this, comes the post production stage. At this stage, generally editing is performed. Here, the images, sounds and the visual effects of the recorded film are edited.


The last stage is distribution of the finished film. This stage involves the distribution of the finished film and distributing it to various cinemas in a country for screening.


Similar is the case while Explainer Video Production. While making an explainer video or an animated video, all these steps are necessary. This is because the explainer video is also a kind of short film. Thus, if the video is made by following the same set of steps or processes, the video can yield fruitful results. If the video is made sincerely by following all these norms, the video may go viral and prove fruitful to the company and the company’s purpose of sound advertisement may be satisfied at the end.


Thus the process of film-making can be of immense help for an explainer video production or an animated video production as well. explainer video company.

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