Explainer Video Company

Explainer Video Company

Explainer video companies offer custom animated and related marketing videos. An explainer video company is basically a team of professional video makers including directors, scriptwriters, art designers, producers, and animators. Such companies offer their services to both media houses and websites. These videos are audience oriented and generally convey a business related message. Every company has a different price range and set of services. Before we determine the factors that makes a company better than the other, it is important to first understand the significance of an explainer video company.

Explainer Video Company
Explainer Video Company

Why do you need an explainer video company?

The fast pace at which competition among organizations, especially virtual, is growing has made it imperative to opt extraordinary creative measures to increase your audience. Explainer videos are becoming popular as customers are always looking for something comprehensive yet short and simple. A video is an additional standalone element that is easily shared on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. So what are the benefits of explainer video?

  • First of all, an explainer video increases the traffic of your website. Amongst all the other ways you can attract and keep the audience on your site a video has so far been proved to be the most effective of all
  • Repurpose elsewhere. Explainer videos can also be incorporated in sale items, email signatures etc.
  • The customer is able to understand in detail the features and services your product has to offer. This is beneficial as this way the customer can effectively decide what to expect from your product. What turns off customers the most is inability to understand what the product or service is actually about. Video can both keep the attention and make the description as detailed and simple.
  • Videos are more creative and the customer are more likely to remember the elements of a video than that of something explained in an article

Factors of a good explainer video company:

Once you have decided to get an explainer video made for your online business, it is important to understand how significant it is to get it right. So what are the factors that you have to look for before bidding on an explainer video company?

  1. Quality: Lock on to amazing quality. While chances are that you would compromise on quality over price, it is essential to cut such a compromise out of your list. Where a good quality video can boost both business and traffic, a bad quality video will just ruin your entire marketing. A good script, clear visuals, good design and high quality audio is what makes a good explainer marketing video. Especially if your product is of a competitive market.
  2. Custom design: For a creative animation, you can always get your style customized. Go for a company that provides you services of a custom made design that is unique and sole property of your business. This is a quality of businesses that stand out.

Moreover, an explainer video company should have:

  • More than 100+ explainer videos in their portfolio
  • Experience working with popular brans
  • Good creativity and understanding of marketing videos
  • Understand the requirements and fundamentals of your business
  • Positive feedbacks and reviews by clients
  • Responsive customer service that is available on chat or emails
  • Have a public portfolio that shows previous successful videos
  • All the videos designed under their name are unique and not inspired by some other popular design
  • Last but not the last, the explainer video company you select must give you the sole right of your video and should not be able to re-sell.




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