Explainer video companies in the US

Explainer video companies in the US


In every website we have a lot of data and there are many concepts which are explained in a written format. However with the advent of technology, now explainer videos have taken over written explanation. Website owners prefer to use a video to explain a concept vis-à-vis putting a lot of text alone. With time this industry has grown and there are a lot of creative people who now prefer to work on the explainer videos. In this article we have explained about some of the best explainer video companies in the US.

Explainer video companies in the US
Explainer video companies in the US

Fire starter videos


This company claims to be America’s number one explainer video company. They specialize in whiteboard animation videos, cartoon animation videos, demo videos and other types of explainer videos. Their customers are very happy and feel that the videos made by this company created a huge impact on their online marketing. This Hollywood based explainer video company in the US has a great team. They not only concentrate on the vision, but also on the voice-over actors. They have great clientele like AT& T, Paypal, amazon, Cisco, John Deere and many others.



The look and feel of this website is cartoon based and they have told their story via an explainer video. They believe that their videos are capable of mesmerising the clients’ audience and make them fall in love with the brand. They too have an expressive clientele which includes fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Cisco etc. They give more emphasis on a great script and create something unexpected for their clients.

Commotion Engine


Thetagline of this company is ‘’We craft animations that capture your audience.’’ They believe that their explainer videos are more than animation and they change the minds of the audience. They do not believe in ‘’one size fits all mantra’’. They custom design every explainer video to fit the business of the customer. They help their clients’ brand to stand out from their respective competitors. Their responsibility does not end only with the creation of the video. This explainer video company in the US tracks how the audience is responding to the animated explainer campaigns with video analytics.

Switch Video


Switch video believes that they are an explainer video company in the US which is much different from their competitors. They create explainer videos for companies like IBM, HP, Bayer, Abott and many more. Their goal with each client is to unlock the full potential of every idea, product or business and help the client to achieve their goals. If the client has a product or business idea which is seemingly boring, the creative team of switch video converts it into an eye catching and heart touching campaign. They do what it takes to distil each concept into a simple message that’s easy to understand and connects emotionally with the customers.

Yumyum Videos


The mission statement of yumyum video says, ‘’We create great stories that build trust and drive results.’’ They have created explainer videos for advertising, e-commerce, education, energy, finance and investment, Food and beverage, Healthcare, Insurance, Law and legal, Marketing, Music and many other industries. They specialise in languages and create videos in almost all the languages which are spoken across the globe. This explainer video company in the UShas hired professionals from all across the globe because not all the best professionals live in the same place.

Cove Videos


Cove videos like the best companies in the industry believe that every business is unique and has a face. Their team closely works with the client till the completion of the video and provide with a tailor-made solution. They work on animation, script writing, story boarding, voice-over, background music and sound effects and come up with unique videos which are in sync with the essence of the brand they are promoting.


Now since you have an idea about some of the best explainer video companies in the US, you may do your independent research and choose the one which fits your bill in every aspect. Always have a look at their portfolio and their already completed projects before making your selection.

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