How to create Explainer video?

How to create Explainer video?

Hello Dear Customers, if you are searching for making explainer video then you are at right place.  We make explainer videos. Our company’s name is We provide Online explainer video service.  We are situated in India.  We have been making explainer videos from last 5 years.  Uptil now, we have made so many explainer videos, you can see it on our portfolio page.

If you are thinking about explainer video of unique style then you are at right place.  For this, you have to do nothing but only will have to send us a message.  First of all, you will have to go to our Contact Form then complete formalities and send us the same.  After receiving your message, we will give you the reply within 16 hours mentioning our reasonable quotes.  We not only animate but also provide script + voice over + animation + sound effects + editing + background music, etc.

And if you like other things apart from animation, like marketing for video, and how to SEO of your site we can also provide the service for the same by charging extra payment. We deliver the video within 7 – 14 days.  You have to mention in your message that what type of explainer video you require, what is your budget and duration of the video and time of delivery and have voice over with you or not.

Explainer video

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Explainer video means explain your message in a better way.  For this, it is necessary to make the explainer video in cartoon style, this can be in live action also.  And even after making the explainer video, voice over can be done in the same explainer video and editing can also be done.  In today’s time explainer video is a must.  If you want to increase your business then you can give us an order without any hesitation for making the explainer video and see the result.  We provide the explainer videos in very reasonable rate.

Explainer video is such a thing that you can send it to anybody around the word at any time through e-mail, whatsaap and even forwarding by a small link.

The contents of our explainer videos were so good that it become viral so many times and from viral, video become famous and gets benefit of separate space on youtube.

In the world of Online market, the rate of explainer video is $1000 to $4000 but we charge only $499 and will provide you a very beautiful and animated explainer video.  You will realize that you have taken a right decision at right time.

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