Best Animated kinetic typography video company in India

What is kinetic typography video?

The era of Digital marketing has started. Now people don’t have enough time to employ several people just for the sake of the promotion of their products or services. This is a slow process and takes time to reach it to the target media. Moreover, it will be costly process. So, now people are adopting digital marketing which involves promoting your product or services online. Digital marketing involves several aspects like e-mail marketing, social media marketing ( through facebook, whatsapp, twitter etc. ),SEO ( search engine optimization ). Best Animated kinetic typography video company in India
Digital marketing has boosted the use of explainer videos as an introductory video to explain about their products or services. Explainer videos are short, simple videos which can explain the business idea of a company or organization precisely in a simple way. These videos can be enhanced by enhancing its graphics and effects by using various techniques available. Few of these techniques are 2 dimensional, 2.5 dimensional, 3 dimensional, stop motion technique, live motion videos, whiteboard technique, kinetic typographic technique etc. In this article, we will talk in detail about Typography Animated Videos.


Kinetic Typography is an outstanding technique which is fantastically engaging method of delivering textual content in a visual format. This is most suited for those people, who do not want to lose their audience and want to give a message to them. This is a good method of representing your idea in a simple way, including an equal amount of entertainment. Presenting text in appealing manner is the basic key involved in this technique. It is made appealing by including special effects embedded with cool graphics and animation techniques. Examples from history show that these videos are so nicely presented that they have gone viral.

Best Animated kinetic typography video company in India
Best Animated kinetic typography video company in India

Now, I will discuss few points that should be kept in mind while making a typography animated video. The first point says that the video should not be lengthy at any cost. If the video is long, people will definitely feel boring, howsoever great your video is. Do not repeat the same points again and again otherwise it will lose the grab on the viewers. Just focus on main points and basic gist of the idea without going into much detail. This will keep the video short and maintain the interest of the viewers.

Another mistake which the people commit is that they use a backward soundtrack which spoils their video. The defective sound can create unnecessary vibrations, buzz in the sound and make it unpleasant for the listeners.

Best Animated kinetic typography video company in India

Moreover, the quality of the video should not be very less, neither very high quality, in fact it should be optimum so that user can load it easily, if this is not so, people will be frustrated looking at the buffering circle and may cancel their plan to watch it. This will be a huge loss for a company. So quality standards should be kept in mind and optimum quality videos should be adopted.

Another thing which should be kept in mind while designing a good typographic video is the pacing of the script. A great attention needs to be paid to the pacing of the script, means that displaying some words or lines longer than others will creates instability in your video. So this thing should not be done, and if it happens, it should be cured at the end while performing the finishing of the video.

This is all about kinetic typography technique of Explainer Video Production.


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