Best Animated explainer video company in India

Best Animated explainer video company in India

How video marketing made wasel’s gift video a success journey.

Today’s world of marketing and promotion is ruled by Online Marketing or Digital Marketing. Now, companies are taking their hands off the traditional methods of marketing where they used to employ several people in order to promote their product by physically visiting the target areas. This was uncomfortable in two ways- Time consuming and Costly. Now, by the involvement of digital marketing, everything is just a click away. People use various methods of online marketing such as social media marketing, e-mail marketing, Search Engine Optimization etc. One most important tool which is the result of digital marketing is Explainer video. Now, if a company wants to introduce a new product, it launches an explainer video, which gives a positive impression about that product in the minds of people. Best Animated explainer video company in India.

Thus, an explainer video has become an essential part in the promotion process as it has become a crucial point in forming an impression about any product. Companies are investing a hefty amount to make explainer videos which can gather the attention of huge crowd. explainer video company.


I think I have explained you enough to get a feel of how important an explainer video can be for a business. Now, let me take you through some live examples where explainer videos have proved themselves as the bosses in digital marketing-


Recently, Moussally LTD launched a mobile app which was named as Wasel Gift. This app was launched for the people belonging to the age group of 18-40 years. The idea behind this app was to help the people send gifts to their dear ones internationally. Now, they designed a cool animated explainer video which concisely explains about the Wasel’s Gift App.


The basic idea of this app, as I told previously, is to perform the task of sending gifts, which was in the form of credits, to your dear ones. The company took this idea by observing those people who live at far places from their families and loved ones. Thus, to let the audience know about their app as a convenient way to send and collect gifts across the world, they designed a video which smartly briefs about the App.

Best Animated explainer video company in India

This was an innovative way of conveying message that the company wanted to give to its users. As pictures capture more attention than textual formats, thus this video easily grabbed its viewer’s attention and kept hold of it throughout the running time of the video.


Why it was able to grab the attention of the public and spread positively about the app in the market? The answer is simple; they used simple animation effects with an outstanding framework, which sequentially explained about each and every important aspect of the app in an interesting manner. One more point was kept in mind while designing this video, and that was –“Keeping the video length short”. Many people cannot devote much time in other activities, thus the company designed the video such that the viewer can easily find time to view the video. The video explained each and every aspect, highlighting how this app can save time of people and pass their gifts to the relatives at the places where they cannot go physically.

Main idea behind the creation of this animated explainer video was to make the world aware about the Wasel’s app and tell them how it can save ones time and hustle. This video was short and was crafted in such a manner to get its viewers’ attention captured. The video was finally understood and learnt by everyone and in turn, the Wasel’s Gift app got millions of downloads within no time. Thus, video marketing made Wasel’s Gift App a success journey and hence proved its strength in the field of Digital Marketing.

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