Best Animated Corporate Videos that will definitely increase your Sales

Best Animated Corporate Videos That Will Definitely Increase Your Sales.
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Best Animated Corporate Videos That Will Definitely Increase Your Sales.

Hey There!  My name is Jonty.   I have been in the Animated explainer video and Animated Corporate video field for last 12 years.  I have a thorough knowledge of the market How Corporate Agencies can Increase their sales through these creative animated videos.

I want to say as you read this article, you will get every point clear. Like-

1. What is Animated Corporate Video?

2. How many types of Animated Corporate Videos?

3. How much does it costs?

4. How can these animated Corporate Videos increase your sales?

Let’s proceed ahead without wasting any time.

1. What is Animated corporate video?

This video gives the message of your Corporation whether it is in the form of visuals or in the form of message whatever may be. For example, you want to tell the history of your Corporation/Company that how it converted into a big company from a small company.

What achievements you got. Have you delivered the work to Big projects – this type of video or telling about your service and product so that it leaves a good impact on the market so that customer/client can buy your product/service. So this type of video is called Animated Corporate Video.

2. How many types of Animated Corporate Videos?

We should need to think at this point.  Every company uses Animated Corporate Video.  But it is very important that what is the style which suits to your Corporation for Branding.

It can be…
2D animated corporate video, or
Whiteboard corporate video, or
Real Live Action shoot via with the help of images and videos

According to my experience, 2D animated and Real Pic or Real video is good and there is no cartoon character in the animated video. Instead of cartoon characters, use professional design characters.
Like these:

These videos have been made by us.  All the clients are quite satisfied as they got a very good result.  Their sales have been increased manifolds. And why not?… An explainer video is a wonderful thing.  The person convinces immediately by 1 min. creative visual video instead of listening to live person and he buys the product because video changes customer mindset.  It is like this that viewers change into customers.

I am focusing on the selection of the style of the video because it shows the vibes and professionalism of the company.  If the video is simple, sweet, and crisp the customer will trust the company.

Some people are making the videos without good quality in which they don’t give proper attention on the color background and they don’t follow modern design and instead of professional design they use unprofessional design artwork and people feel downgrade about the company.  However, some people provide good quality videos.

We always keep these things in our mind and you will find that your money is used at a right place.   

If you want the Best Animated Video for your company, contact our team.  They will quote reasonably and deliver you the Best Professional Animated Corporate Video.

Let’s come.  Now, we proceed to 3 points.

3. How much animated corporate video does cost?

The cost of the video depends on its quality that you require a normal quality video or you require the animation in the video in big quantity.

For your idea, I tell you that a good animated video costs $550 per min. only.  And if you think that no one can provide such of video at this price then we want to tell to you that provides you 1 min. Best quality video in just $550 only (including voice-over).  This is a good deal….right?  Many people got benefitted from this.

4. How these animated corporate videos will increase your sales?

Okay.  Many people think that although they have got the video how it will help in increasing the sale of the product of the company.  I want to tell to you that if a salesperson visits you for his company’s product/service and explains to you regarding that but you think when the person will leave because there is no attraction in direct dialogue and their boring presentation. They follow the old method.  

Nowadays explainer videos are very popular and change the game completely.  They are eye-catchy so people like them very much.  In these videos, we point out the problem of the company’s product/service and suggest a good solution.  By showing all the details the customer gets convince and gives the order.  We are not saying that every customer will give the order by seeing the animated video BUT most of the customers give the order.

This is the power of the animated explainer video.

I hope that everything will be cleared to you in the Blog post.  If you have any query, suggestion you may contact at our e-mail ID: And if you want a video from us you can contact us on our WhatsApp No. +91 7737225402

We assure you that we will provide you the Best Animated Corporate Video.

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Jonty Khandelwal
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