Attractive explainer videos company in India

Attractive explainer videos company in India

Explainer videos are the short videos which simple ‘explain’ the products cum services of the company to its prospects in the form of beautiful animated videos which are filled with fun elements. Attractive explainer videos company in India.

They help in conveying content in engaging way, helps in increasing conversions, the business exposure is maximized and a big boost in sales can be observed easily.

The explainer videos have helped companies and done wonders for them. Almost all type of enterprises – small or big, have started to invest in these animated videos and used it as a powerful medium to increase their brand value.

The explainer video have eliminated the traditional form of content and conventional videos and even the audience is also loving it. It has helped in getting the audience engaged, clearing their queries and helping them in understanding the product from core and giving them a strong reason to why to go for some particular product.

best explainer video services
6 of the best explainer video services

Explainer videos have rightly served the problems of the customer by giving them easy solutions to complex problems which the customers get while looking at a product using traditional methods.

But to choose the right type of explainer video for the business, it is always a challenge as there are certain types of explainer videos which are quite attractive within themselves and have got their own pros and cons. But it’s the brand owner who decides that which explainer video will help in making their product more attracting as they understand their product and their audience the best.

Attractive explainer videos:

  1. 2D character animation

It is one of the most powerful and widely used concept. In this, both character and style are created using 2D space. This type of animation is used by businesses operating at B2B and B2C level. It provides appropriate content to people which gives them suitable knowledge about the context of the product.

  1. 5D Animation

This is a special type of animation which stimulates the 3D environment in itself. It is less expensive than a pure 3D video and takes less time to be completed. They carries all the positive points of the motion graphics.

  1. Whiteboard Animation

These are the most trending and popular animated videos. They have managed to attract the maximum amount of viewers and helped the visitors to understand the most complex problems in simple and subtle way. Majority of the B2B and B2C prefers it over other style due to their simplicity and helps the customer in understanding the product from its core. This style consists of drawing objects on whiteboard and then recording it to create a perfect video.

  1. 3D Animation

One of the best part about the field of technology is that it has endless possibilities. The video produced using 3D technique is the one with most high quality and when used effectively, creates wonders for its clients. One of the drawback associated with 3D animation that it is very costly and not all brands can afford them.

  1. Live Action

In live action explainer videos, it consists of real objects, real people and everything is recorded using a video camera. It helps the companies in building personal relations with their prospects and thus providing them more confidence of their products, services and concepts. In this, when the real people are shown in real scenes, people found themselves connected and often find their peers reviewing some of the products thus encouraging them to go for the product.

There are more amazing kind of explainer videos which have also rocked the market. They will be discussed in the upcoming article.

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