Animated explainer videos company are useful in website

Animated explainer videos company are useful in website

By what way, explainer videos are useful in website

In the past many years, the virtual marketing has emerged out as one of the next big thing in the corporate world and almost all kinds of companies has shifted their focus on getting their business in the virtual world.

Today, the internet is used by almost 2 billion people each month in one way or another and thousands of new visitors come online for the first time.

According to a survey, it has been predicted that almost 2.5 billion people will be actively online on internet by 2020.

These figures has lured the companies around the globe to target the online visitors in a better way to get more people on their business and can find new potential customers.

animated explainer video production company
Animated explainer videos company are useful in website

In order to achieve this, the companies has started to work on the digital marketing and the video marketing.

Video marketing is the technique in which the concept of the company is advertised with the help of a video. In video marketing domain, the explainer video style is widely used by the organizations. Also, it has become the preferable choice for the people as they love it.

An explainer video is a short video which is used to demonstrate the whole concept of a company and promote its products and services.

The first professional work of the explainer video was seen back in 2007 when a company called Common Craft created a video for Twitter. The video show how to use to the micro blogging giant to the optimum level. This video became an instant hit and got more than 10 million views within a short duration of time.

The explainer videos help the organizations in increasing their brand awareness and also makes their website more engaging. Let us look how embedding the explainer video in the official website change its dynamics.

Explainer videos in website helps business

  1. Bring more visitors

The explainer video is also known as the “home page video” or the “landing page video”. Since an explainer video works on the phenomena of brains science which explores the scope of auditory and visual senses in the video and makes them eye catchy for the audience. That is the reason that these videos can engage a huge audience with ease. Once these videos are embedded on the official website of the company, lots of visitors who come to visit the blog find the relevant info views the video and the compelling content is displayed through them those videos. It attracts lots of new visitors on the website and more people come to know about the products of the company which gives the company a reason to get new customers.

Also, it improves the bouncer rate of the website which is very important in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of the portal.

  1. Improved search engine rankings

The explainer videos boosts the search rankings of the website and the search results show the portal’s link at the top whenever a visitor search with relevant keywords. According to the latest release of algorithm by Google, the links with videos ranks better than the conventional text content as this type of content is attracting for the visitors and even visitors also prefers the web which have video content in them.

Also, as YouTube is a part of Google, in the search results, links of YouTube video often comes up and if the publisher shares the video both on website and the YouTube than getting more visitors on the home page increases and rank of website improves.

This is how the explainer videos helps the website of the company.

The explainer videos helps the business in boosting business of the company and also their websites improves a lot as more visitor visit the portal and their search rankings also become better.

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