Animated Explainer Video Production Company

On tracing the past, we find that in the earlier days, the companies used to employ a huge force in order to promote their products or services to the targeted areas. For this, they had to make a huge investment in order to pay to their employees and in the printing of physical posters, standees, banners etc. This process required a lot of human labor, investment and in turn, the process was time consuming as well. But with the involvement of Digital marketing, things have become easy. Digital marketing involves many aspects such as social media marketing, email marketing, etc. One of the most favored products of digital marketing is explainer videos, which are one of the best methods to introduce your products or services in the best way to the audience. The explainer videos help to spread positive vibes about the products or services in the market. These videos have become a powerful tool of advertisements these days. Animated Explainer Video Production Company.

The explainer video production has created a revolution in the world of online marketing. Social media marketing has made it simple for both- the clients and the companies. For the companies, it has become simple to promote their products and services in an excellent way, without much involvement of human labor and for the clients, it is simple to know about the service that they are going to purchase, just by sitting at their homes.  Several techniques of Explainer Video Production are available today, which can be chosen and applied in order to make our video look more appealing and trustworthy. We can adopt many techniques like 2 dimensional, 2.5 dimensional, 3 dimensional, stop motion technique, live motion videos, whiteboard technique etc.

Top 10  Animated Explainer Video Production Company sites from where explainer video can be made

Animated Explainer Video Production Company
Animated Explainer Video Production Company

Now, talking about the best explainer video company in the world, there is not any single company, in fact, a big list of companies is there which compete to be the best explainer video companies of the world. Top 10 companies are listed below:



SMARTERJON is an outstanding explainer video production company, which was previously situated in Alwar, Rajasthan but now it is settled in New Delhi. Headed under Mr.Jonty Khandelwal, CEO, the company has shown a remarkable growth in the past six years, since its beginning.



Blue fountain media is a New York based Explainer Video Production House which has been successfully making happy customers.



Optimum Productions is also one of the top whiteboard explainer video making company. This company is situated in Alpharetta, California.



As the name suggest, this company makes the explainer video which are socially popular and are always in competition with others in the list. They are situated in New York.


  • 100 ACRE FILMS

Situated in San Diego, California, !00 ACRE FILMS are a prominent choice for whiteboard explainer video production in that area.



This is also a good explainer video company with expertise in whiteboard technique. They are situated in Sarasota, Florida.



They are also one of the remarkable Video Production Houses. They are situated in Hopkinton, Massachusetts.


As the name suggest, they try to make  creative whiteboard videos to impress their customers. They are situated in Cleveland, Ohio.



Another Explainer Video Production Company situated in Florida. It exactly lies at Daytona Beach, Florida and serves fine videos to its customers.


  • V3 MEDIA

V3 media is situated at Fort Collins, Colorado. Animated Explainer Video Production Company.


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