Animated explainer video power for company and business

Animated explainer video power for company and business

Video power for business

As the time has progressed, the methods to advertise the concepts of the company have become a lot advanced and the organizations have found many innovative and smart ways to connect to the people and elaborate them about the services and products they are providing to the people.

Over the past couple of years, the web based marketing channels have changed the dynamics of advertising and provided many new set of solutions to the companies in which they can target more audience to have more potential customers.

The video marketing has evolved as a best strategy for companies to advertise the businesses. The traditional use of videos which was supposed to be restricted to the TV commercials have been eliminated and now they are strongly used on social media and the official website of the company and video broadcasting portals like YouTube and Vimeo.

Over a few years ago, the online promotion and the video marketing was considered for the amateurs. YouTube was supposed to be the portal for entertainment only but the dynamics have been changed and the optimized use of the online marketing have taken the business of these companies to new dimensions.

Animated explainer video power for company and business
Animated explainer video power for company and business

Why videos for the business

The video which is made orients around the various topics of a company. General videos about the concept of a company are of great help to the company. The training and education videos, how to’s, professional advice videos helps the brand in getting settled in the industry as an expert.

The testimonial videos helps in building relations with people and these videos helps them in turning potential customers as they provide them a reason that why they should opt for the services of the company.

There is one more type of video which is used at a large scale by the companies that are explainer videos. An explainer video is a short length video which is used to explain the concept of a company to the people in a fun way. These videos successfully catches the attention of the viewers and engages them to the platform.

How videos helps in growth of business

  1. Brings more viewers by making the concept simple

This is one of the best attribute that video marketing brings in the business. When the concept is elaborated with the help of a video, all its complexities are eliminated which a user finds when he reads the documentation of their work or visit their official website.

They serve a simple solution to the user and remains solution oriented with basic and important functions. This helps in a better connection of the people with the organization and leads to the improved brand value of their business.


  1. Improves social media presence and search engine ranking

The use of effective and efficient videos helps in engaging the viewers to the platform of the company. The explainer videos are not only informative but also funny too which makes them viral on the social media and the reach of the video increases. Also, the new algorithm of Google supports the video content and ends up having a better ranking in the search results than the text based content only.


  1. Improved conversions rates

The target of each company is to get maximized profit and increase their sales. The explainer videos helps them in accomplishment of the goal. According to a survey, the company gets a boost in 10% to 50% in their conversion rates if used in an effective way.


This is how the video marketing is one of the best medium to power the business.


The use of video marketing in the business has helped the companies in growing their brand value and their sales. Read how the videos powers the business and take it to the new level.

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