Animated explainer video company in dubai

Animated explainer video company in dubai

How to attract customers through explainer videos. Explainer videos are gaining popularity these days. When the companies or organizations think about the latest and most superior methods to attract the customers towards their products or services, the explainer videos are their first thought. Thus explainer videos are becoming powerful tools of online marketing. Animated explainer video company in dubai.

Animated explainer video company in dubai
Animated explainer video company in dubai

If I start from the beginning, it is well known to us that this is the era of digital world. Almost 2 billion people are using internet. Everything seems to be digitizing. Even the items that we used to buy at various shops are just a click away. Money is also digitizing. Along with this, there is a trend of digital marketing these days, which saves a lot of human labour.

Now, you don’t need to visit places in order to promote your products or services. Digital marketing has enough to promote your product through every possible corner of this world. One most important tool which is the result of digital marketing is Explainer video. Now, if a company wants to introduce a new product, it launches an explainer video, which gives a positive impression about that product in the minds of people. Animated explainer video company in dubai.


Thus, an explainer video has become an essential part in the promotion process as it has become a crucial point in forming an impression about any product. Companies are investing a hefty amount to make explainer videos which can gather the attention of huge crowd.

Many competitors of Explainer video Production have emerged over time, which make awesome quality explainer videos. They will carve your idea in the best possible way they can.

One important thing that should be known to us in order to make our video fruitful, and that is- How to attract customers through explainer videos?

Now, an explainer video is for the viewers. So the video should be made as user-friendly as possible. By, user-friendly, we mean that the video should be appealing to its viewers. The viewers should not feel burdened while watching an explainer video. In fact, the video should be such that they get carried away with it.

The viewers should get a personal touch while watching the video. The video should be made such that the viewers get a thought that the video makers have made the video keeping in mind the values they like. This will make the user feel positive about the video and the company as well. This is how they will succeed in forming a strong bond between the customers and the company or organization.

The videos should be made such that the viewers feel trustworthy while watching the video. This will help the company to a greater extent.

In order to attract the customers, the video makers can use special animation effects, high quality graphics and required modifications so that the videos can be made more appealing.

Animated explainer video company in dubai

There are many techniques which can be adopted depending on the requirement of the company; few of them are listed below:

This is one of the most favorable technique used by startup networks. This technique involves a sequential drawing of the objects and images ,followed by text (wherever required) and providing a background voice support to whatever is depicted by the images.


Typography or Kinetic Typography deals with a well arranged way pf displaying effective and inspiring text , which can gather huge crowd. These videos are few of the most creative ones.


For this type , you may not even go to a explainer video company as they are the most simple and easy way of developing explainer videos .They are quite cost effective as well.


Stop motion is a perfect example of excellently crafted videos. These kinds of techniques depict the step by step creation of videos using real objects and depicting it on the screen as a whole. Stop motion videos are tough to make and require trained hands to provide you good videos. These are a quite expensive also.


If your company deals with statistics or financial data, then info graphic technique suits you the best. They present statistics about any topic in an eye catching way to attract the clients.


Here , people share their experiences about the services and products offered by the company .This is one of the oldest technique used and quite realistic also.


This technique is one of the most favored techniques used which provides the best idea to explain about the product or your idea. This is quite inexpensive methods, and hence attracts fresh clients.

A combination of 2D and 3D objects gives rise towhat is called as 2.5D. Here the video is made more appealing by utilizing the 2.5D animation technique.These videos take a lot of time for completion and are quite expensive also.


These are the best videos with excellent customer feedback. These kinds of videos are expensive and time consuming.


The name depicts itself about the kind of videos which comes under this category. In live action videos, we simply record videos using a camera. This kind provides a best method to form a personal touch in between the company and the clients. One more merit about these videos is that they can be made with very small budgets. Animated explainer video company in dubai.

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