Animated explainer video companies in bangalore

Animated explainer video companies in bangalore


A survey shows that if your website is embedded with an eye-catching video, then it has fairly high chances of more visitors. This factor is very much required when you are doing an online business. This simply means that a website embedded with videos is attractive as compared to the simple documented websites. Now, another question arrives. Which style to be chosen for what kind of business or idea demonstration? Whether to choose 2D animation technique, 2.5D, 3D, stop motion, whiteboard etc.! There are many styles available in the market which you can choose from in order to make a fine explainer video, eye-catching and short in length. Animated explainer video companies in bangalore.

Animated explainer video companies in bangalore
Animated explainer video companies in bangalore

Some business ideas require the styles which make a video stand out of the crowd, while some try to make it as simple as possible, so care should be taken whether which kind is best suited to your business. Some of the styles are just straight forward, while some focuses on the details, whereas, there are some explainer videos which are more focused on the visual attractiveness of the video. Meanwhile, there are some pros and cons for every style of explainer videos.


We will start from whiteboard explainer videos, they are most suited wherever we demand simplicity. These kinds of videos are very common on the internet. They are commonly used as demo videos or for training purpose.


Other category is Kinetic Topography. Such videos are suited when only text is enough to present your idea. But this form will convey your idea in a better way as compared to books or novels. These kind of videos put emphasis on certain messages by provoking some emotions and giving a personal touch to the viewers. These videos can also be used for educating purpose.

Animated explainer video companies in bangalore


E-sketch is also a kind of technique where simple characters are drawn on basic outline. This style is also called as a cute style due to its simplicity. This is suitable when your idea does not have any twists and turns, means that it is simple. This style can be used as a simple method of storytelling.


Now, we will talk about Screen Capture method. You might have searched youtube for various doubts like-How to install windows, how to perform disk defragmentation etc. Such videos, which explain about how to implement a program or how to use an application are made from this style of video making. This method shows a step by step method of how to use a program or run an application. Tutorial videos on various topics are its hot illustrations.


Here comes another style in which real people are involved. They are just filmed over a video camera and some animations are put up and the video is complete. This technique is suitable when you need to demonstrate real events to make audience feel the natural instinct of the script.


Cuttoon is another kind of cool technique where the simple cartoons are just coloured and  illustrated in a way such that they are carved out of a paper.


Motion Graphics is another such technique where life is pumped into static content that makes it better and make its audience feel life into it. Its strength lies in the fact that it focuses more on the small details about any idea, which you may not capture even in your real life.

There are many other kinds of techniques which we can apply to make our online business flourish rapidly in a better way. Animated explainer video companies in bangalore

Live action and 2D explainer videos are also best suited for various situations. Some companies which make good Live action and 2D explainer videos are:

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