6 of the best explainer video services

6 of the best explainer video services

Explainer videos refer to the small online promotion videos that are used to explain the services and products offered by a company. Explainer videos are usually placed on the front or landing page of the website, or on a specifically designed product page. They are becoming increasingly popular for generating double online traffic for a website.

What are the different types of explainer videos?

There are four basic kinds of explainer videos. These are:

6 of the best explainer video services
6 of the best explainer video services

Whiteboard: Whiteboard explained video incorporates hand drawn animation style videos. As it is inexpensive and easy to operate, whiteboard video format has become one of the most commonly used explainer video style.


Animated: The second most popular type is the animated online videos. This format is readily used by websites based on intangible tech and related services, e.g. software. Such type includes live action description, physical object etc. It is more created and therefore more attractive. Almost all explainer video company offer services of animated videos.


Live action: The most popular among business class is the live action type explainer video. For companies that are selling people or product oriented service, this is the most recommended type.

Kickstarter: Not much different from a traditional explainer video for promotion, kickstarter videos are simple and longer. Such videos include long description of products & services. These are common among science, food and related services offered on a website.

6 of the best explainer video services

As explainer videos are becoming readily popular, there are many companies offering services of creating explainer videos. However, not all are equally proficient. Explainer video companies offer different services and it is significant to realize the kind of service that meets your requirements. Internationally, the 5 best explainer video companies are:



According to the recent online surveys, DemoDuck so far is the most popular explainer video company.It is a small group that offers the most creative videos, each time of a different style. The owner, Andrew has worked much hard to incorporate talented video makers in his team. The company has quite an overwhelming history.

Switch Video:

A company that understands the different between the four different types of explainer videos is Switch Video. They offer services for all types of animated and types of explainer videos. The services offered are reasonable and affordable by new online businesses.


Epipheo is an explainer video company with most experience in the field. They have understanding of the work required and demand less explanations and details. The team is enthusiastic and creative and will thoroughly understand the needs of a business. They have also worked for CNN, Google and Mashable.


New websites would love the portfolio of Gisteo. Oracle and Intel have had their work done by Gisteo. However, it is not merely about the big companies it has worked for, but the quality of services that are offered. Gisteo is most famous for taking care of minute details in the most comprehensive manner.

Lost Marble Media:

Lost marble Media is known for its simplicity. They revolve around family oriented business services. The videos prepared under its services are simple yet resourceful. The team work is what is really inspiring about this company.

Common Craft:

A trend building company, common craft is regarded as the initiator of explainer videos. There is best service is how they explain the entire concept in a small video. Common craft also offers personalized services. Their customer service can be contacted through website and email for details of different package and services. They have one of the strongest explainer video networks available online.


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