3D explainer video for website

3D explainer video use for website

3D explainer video for website
3D explainer video for website


We live in an era when time is of utmost importance and no one has time for reading lengthy texts. Hence many websites and blogs use explainer videos to promote their ideas. 3D explainer video for website uses animated characters and create an appealing story to attract the attention of the audience. However before spending on creating such a 3D explainer video for your website, you should keep a few things in mind.



Length of the video

A 3D explainer video for website typically should not be for more than one minute as the viewer normally loses attention and switches to something else. Put the most important points in the beginning of the video and make it very interesting and captivating.

To the point to the topic

In today’s world people like a direct approach and lose interest in the first few seconds of the 3D explainer video for websiteif it is not making any sense to them. Hence if you are using story-telling as a method to capture your audience, then ensure that it is extremely interesting and include the features of your product and the benefits to the customer in the story.

Benefits of your 3D explainer video

Always concentrate of the benefits of the 3D explainer video for website so that the consumer feels how it will benefit him/her. The consumer always has this in the back of his/her mind- ‘’what is in it for me?’’ If after the first 30 seconds, the viewer feels that the product or service is of no use to him/her, then s/he quickly moves to something else.

High Quality 3D explainer video for website

Some animation companies give some much importance to the visuals and graphics that they often miss out of the audio quality and voice-over quality. If you want to create the right impact, ensure that your piece is of extreme quality in both.

Keep it Simple and Short

As it is known as the KISS formula in marketing, one must not go overboard with the sound effects and visual effects as it is often very distracting and the main message might get diluted. Also it takes longer time for such videos to load and if the viewer does not have a very high speed internet connection, then it might even take a very long time to load and start buffering in between.

Boosting the sales

3D explainer video for website is not a direct tool to initiate a sale right away, however it often leaves an impact in the mind of the viewer and s/he ends up buying the product later. Whether it is an advertisement on the internet or on TV, a good 3D explainer videohas a very high conversion rate. If you remember the zoo zoo animated video by Vodafone, you can relate it to the increased sales for the service provider.

Keep it interactive

Interaction is the key to a successful marketing campaign and if you could talk to your potential buyer through your explainer video, then the chances of your brand capturing the market share is very high. Since the competition is very high in today’s world, if the 3D explainer video for website is not interactive, the viewer loses interest and moves to another rival website soon.

Always be honest

Always deliver what you promise. There should not be any discrepancy in what is promised in the campaign and what is delivered to the customer. In today’s highly connected world, negative word of mouth spreads very fast and may kill your brand forever.


Before choosing the ideal company to do your marketing campaign 3D explainer video for website, keep these points in mind. In your initial stages of explaining to the creative team of your service provider, if you mention these key points, then the animators are likely to come up with a video which will have the essence of your brand and creativity of the team amalgamated in a homogenous mixture.

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