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Every business wants to show up itself as the latest one nowadays.  When the talk comes to the latest then we talk about Creativity Design.  Which business firms can explainer themselves only that can convert into sales from leads and improves further.  And if we talk about the explain the business, it comes to an animated explainer video. 2D animated explainer video studios in Dubai.

What is Animated Explainer Video?

What is Animated Explainer Video?

You would be thinking what is an animated explainer video?  I tell you that you can explain your business idea or service through an animated explainer video.  The best-animated video’s duration is 60 to 90 sec. because this duration is eye-catchy.  In today’s time, these types of videos are in demand.  Even, if you are not able to fully understand the animated explainer video, we are giving some examples by which you can easily understand that what an animated explainer video is.

Animated Explainer Video Example:

If you want to make such type of video, click on the button given below.  We will make the video for you.


Which is the best studio in Dubai for 2D animated explainer videos?

Best animated explainer video studio in Dubai is explainersvideos.com for the last 10 years, this company has been giving the services in a very decent way at a very reasonable price/charge. The starting price of the video is $195 to $795.  This company will give the best quality that no other company can give at this price.2D animated explainer video studios in Dubai

Now the matter comes …

That animated explainer video is very useful but which type of video one should get because there are many designs in this video, like –

  • 1. 2D Animated Explainer Video
  • 2. Whiteboard Animation
  • 3. Motion Graphics
  • 4. Stop Motion
  • 5. Typography, etc.

We are giving below the Animated explainer video examples of every type so that you can easily understand how a particular design looks.

1.  2D Animation:  In this video 2D characters are used and this is colorful and eye-catchy.  This type of video is in very much demand in industries. 

2. Whiteboard Animation:  Whiteboard animation is also like 2D animation.  This is also colorful but in this video, characters are not animated but characters are drawn by hand on the whiteboard.  But we also make animation in this type of video on client’s demands so that their video may look very good.  We have also made 2D animation on a blackboard on the clients’ demand. 

3. Motion Graphics Video:  Sometimes clients do not want cartoon characters and hand-drawn characters but the clients want a simple, sweet and professional video then their demand can be fulfilled by Motion Graphic video because this type of video can be made by text and icons movement.  You can see the video given above.

4. Stop Motion:   Selected companies want the stop motion video for showing their creativity. This type of video is made by clicking the images and if you want to make this video by CG then it will look like…………It will be some difficult to make understand the stop motion by text so we put the updated video, you can see it.

5. Typography:  This type of video is used by the Music industry for their lyrics videos and for animating rap.  Many times typography videos are used to get the message reached directly to viewers/audience.  In this video, you can see the full video in text with a voice-over on the screen.

NOW, we talk about the FAQs, that are given as under : 

Q. 1. What is the process of the Animated Explainer Video?

Ans.  At first, we discuss all the details with the client then prepare the script and after getting the approval from the client, we make a storyboard with colorful illustrations and again approval is taken from the client and again approval is taken for graphics and after confirmation, the animation team proceeds ahead for animation and after completion, the animation video, editing team out sound effect, and smooth transition is given and that’s it……
This is the simple and sweet process to make the animated explainer video. We make the client know everything at each stage so that the final video will come according to his expectations.

Q. 2. How many days an explainer video takes to complete?

Ans.  It depends on the task but generally a 2D animation video of 1 min. takes about 15 days with regular updates.

Q. 3.  Is explainer video really profitable?

Ans. Yes, of course, 200% because if your business does not speak with presence then definitely your business will go down that’s why this explainer video company and even without your presence they always talk/say about your business and service. That’s why this explainer video company without your presence they always say about your business and service with an eye-catchy visual 24×7.

Q.4. How much explainer video cost?

Ans. explainersvideos.com  your video of 1 min. will be ready for $395 (including voice-over) and will be delivered to you within 15 days.  If you try in the market you will find the same quality/type of video price $1500.  This is our company’s uniqueness that we provide at a very minimum price with the Best quality.

Q. 5. How much does cost to an explainer video in India?

Ans. In India, you can get a good explainer video for $395 with voiceover within 15 days.  Indian companies finish your work with regular updates also explainersvideos.com claims they give you Full Satisfaction and also give you Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied with their results.

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